5 Minute Execution Formula

5-Minute Execution Formula

Vaisesika Prabhu1. Print the chapter (or any chapter of your choice) in CHAD format and carry it with you wherever you go or load it into your device.

2. Chant all the Sanskrit slokas; or all the English translations. This does not take any more than 5 – 7 minutes! Waiting in a long queue or in a red light? Read your chapter. Still can’t find time? Load the audio format of the chapter in your phone and sing along. Contact recite.chad@gmail.com for further assistance.

3. Once you take up CHAD Gita challenge(https://www.facebook.com/kartik2014chad) , you can spread the bliss around by nominating your friends/family/acquaintances by tagging them on your Facebook page. Please also tag ISV Chad Page (https://www.facebook.com/isvchad) page while doing so. Thank you for your consideration.

4. On or after Nov 7th, share your performance report with recite.chad@gmail.com. Every year all the CHAD performers are awarded with annual CHAD gift by our HG. Vaisesika Prabhu @ ISKCON of Silicon Valley. All CHAD performers are welcome at attend this ceremony.


Real Protection

Let us make a sincere effort to read Bhagavad-Gita every day. This is our only real protection. As Vaisesika Prabhu writes “The devotee who hears Krsna’s words with a submissive heart immediately feels an ingress of causeless knowledge and detachment. Krsna is attentively watching us at every second and is ready to guide and shelter us. Therefore, today, and everyday, may we recite the divine slokas in Bhagavad-gita not by rote. Rather, with the urgency of a man or woman trapped in a burning house, let sing them aloud, calling for Krsna’s protection.

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