Realizations on Reading one chapter of Bhagavad Gita made a difference in the lives of many souls



lotus_whitebgReciting Chad makes such a difference in my consciousness. I feel enlivened, and the verses I meditate on throughout the day. It encourages me to read the purports and I feel strengthened against the onslaughts of maya and turbulences of living in the material world. I keep going in my vow because I feel an empty feeling if I do not contact Krishna in this way on a daily basis. Gurudeva keeps me enlivened by his enthusiaism, mercy and inspiration. I would encourage others to participate as it is life changing and small steps lead to big steps. Thank you so much for providing this platform of association.

Your servant

Vinod Manjari (Birmingham UK)

lotus_whitebgMy Kartik realization is that both divine and demonic qualities exit in all of us. It is up to us to foster the divine qualities in us, to make us more suitable for Krishna’s enjoyment.

Your servant,

Sudevi Priya dd


lotus_whitebgMy biggest takeaway in kartika was how busy I was trying to keep up with everything. Reading ch 16 daily, chanting as many rounds as I possibly could and Damadora prayer and candle daily. Wow!!! I do believe there was two days maybe three I didn’t do all of the above. For the most part I told my head what to do. Not great or anything but I made my best effort even when my head was telling me to do other things. That and I realized this is how a devotee remembers krsna  24 hours a day. I am not even close to being a devotee.

Hare krsna


lotus_whitebgHare Krishna ISV CHAD Team,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Chapter 16 is beautiful. Here are my responses to your questions:

  1.  How CHAD made a difference: Acquired more discipline for reading BG, appreciation and understanding of BG. Desire and urgency to continue on path of KC has increased.
  2.  Secret of motivation: Significance of Kartik month and greater impetus to appeal to GOD for further spiritual progress for self and family.
  3.  Message to others: It is imperative to learn how to serve GOD for your benefit and the benefit of all your fellow living entities, otherwise chance of fall down to further demoniac species/ behavior is imminent.
  4.  Realization (from listening to Srila Prabhupada on Srila Prabhupada’s Radio this morning): Demonaic persons are losing the human opportunity to acquire knowledge to relieve their sufferings emanating from living, breathing, thinking and acting solely in material nature and missing out on the chance to understand the immortality of soul have eternal body. Without God consciousness, good qualities are hard to find, maintain and grow.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to participate in CHAD.

Your servant,


lotus_whitebgThe answer to the first question is I find myself wanting to read translations of one chapter daily no matter how busy I am. I also find myself appreciating Prabhupada more and feeling more and more grateful everyday. It also inspires me to go on book distribution with my Temple team.

The answer to the second question is reading itself motivates me to read more.

The message I got from reading is that human life is short and there is danger at every step and we have to take shelter at Krishna’s Lotus Feet. That is our only hope.

Your Servant,

Sudevi Priya dd

lotus_whitebgHare Krishna,

The month of Karthik was very auspicious and so I pledged to read BG Chap- 16 everyday during that time, being encouraged by Vaisesika Prabhu and devotees around me.

How reading one chapter of Bhagavad Gita made a difference in yourself?

Ans. Reading BG everyday has helped me advance in my life, I no more feel empty in my life, I feel a sense of purpose hold my grounds and can assure myself a step closer to Krishna each day. I now am resolute in reading one Chapter a day no matter what.

What is the secret source of your motivation and persistence to read one chapter of Bhagavad Gita everyday?

Ans.  After you have tasted a better/higher stuff and then you  leave it , it gives a scant feeling. I tasted the best thing in life and could not do away without it. So its an antidote for my soul and higher consciousness , now it has become a dire need and inspiration for me to read BG daily. I feel happier.

What is your message to inspire others to read one chapter Bhagavad Gita everyday ?

Ans. Please read BG daily, it enables you to accomplish all the things in your life. It’s the most potent thing you can do as a part of your daily life

Kind Regards


lotus_whitebgHare Krishna Dear Gandharvika Mataji,

Pamho. AgtSP.

I participated in CHAD during Kartik 2015 but I do confess I probably missed out reading a CHAD about twice during that auspicious month. The rest of the days, I was doing it either during morning times before leaving for work or before bedtime.

The chapter we had to recite (and I alternated between the English and Sanskrit slokas) was Chap 16. Normally, I wouldn’t have paid much attention but thanks to CHAD, I got to delve deep in this chapter and everyday simply rejoiced in Lord Krishna’s instructions. Thankfully, even at a BhaktiVriksha we discussed this chapter which further helped in the understanding. All glories to this amazing project.

Doing in the morning before leaving for work, in a way fortifies you and reading before bedtime somehow makes your mind to think of Krsna even as you relax.

Thank you very much.

Your aspiring servant,


P.S. Thanks to CHAD, I was also able to get my daughter prepare for the upcoming Gita Champions contest.

lotus_whitebgI am fairly new to this program.  I started 9 days ago it was a few days before Thanksgiving.  My spirits were down as the Holiday season is very difficult for me.  I then saw the email from ISV connect and the announcement to Chant a chapter a day.  I decided to give it a try.  I thought it would be a positive change instead of my usual Holiday Smear campaign.              I have been chanting a Chapter a Day of the Bhagavad gita for 9 days now. I am now starting to see the changes in my attitude. I was involved in a group where we pretty much got absorbed in politics and angry statements against some of the Presidential Candidates, I have now left that page because it no longer interests me. I am not nearly as hostile as I used to be.

I am not very good at reading, in fact I have a 6th grade reading level but I am very determined as I have to sound out every syllable.  It is getting easier because I refuse to quit.  I like reading to my husband. He has been a very good sport about it. I can’t believe I am about half way through the book already! However, I have many books in my collection that I still need to read.  I intend to read them all!!!

lotus_whitebgReading ‘BG as it is’ chapter daily enhanced my ability to seriously concentrate on BG reading daily. I am a neophyte in this process and I am heavily bound by material nature..We have so many distractions around us in everyday life, but while reading everyday i used to feel really good when i knew that atleast for 15 mins i will be devoting my life for the right cause.. for the right purpose..

This feeling i carried everyday and it motivated me to keep going..

I feel that its all about having strong faith and keep going on this track of KC with your 100 % effort and belief that its the only path that will matter today, tomorrow and till you die , nothing else..

One quote by Vaisesika Prabhu i recall “your seva wil save ya !”

Hare Krishna :)


lotus_whitebgHare Krishna !!

All the Glories to Shrila Prabhupaadji !!

Hope this finds you Well !!

We are extremely happy to inform you that we,myself and my spouse,recited the Gita Chapter,”DaivasursampadvibhagYog” ,whole kartik 2015 and we reinforced the understanding about attributes of Daivee Atma and Asur’s attributes.

We derived Divine pleasure and resolved to remain stead fast in those Daivee Virtues and day by day,felt more Peace of Mind !!

We have continued to recite daily one Chapter with commentary,there after,which has become a daily our part of devotion and Swadhyaya !!

This is our Obeisance to bhagavan Krishna and Rev. Shrila PrabhuPaadji !!

We are away from Mountain View,but our Soul is in the Letham Iscon Temple !!


Chhaya+Upendraroy Nanavati

lotus_whitebgI was very inconsistent in reading the Chapter everyday, but it was all by Krishna’s mercy that I was able to get association of devotees during the Karthik month because of which I was engaged in some service. I would just read some shlokas from Srimad Bhagavad Gita and on other days I used to recite Damodarashtakam. But what I can say is “A Chapter A Day, keeps MAYA away”.

I feel whether its Karthik or any other month, reading Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter on daily basis helps us to understand our the real identity and our lost connection with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Nitai Gaur Haribol!

Your’s servant,

Mayuresh Kulkarni

lotus_whitebgI would like to express my gratitude to Vaisesika Prabhu for the encouragement to read BG daily during the month of Kartik.

I read the article on Dandavats on the first day of Kartik  and even though  I did not register , me and my 10 year old son read the 16th Chapter Sanskrit and English every day.

It was really an enlivening experience. Sometimes I read the Sanskrit and he reads the English and vice versa or he`d do one verse and I`d do the next. So now he knows the whole chapter by heart ( almost perfectly).

I asked him what is his realisation after one month and he said ` If you do sacrifices for yourself you`ll go to hell, but if you do it for Krishna you`ll go to the spiritual world.`

We have decided to continue the recitation with other chapters.

Thank you very much for being such an inspiration in our life.

Your servant,

Āhāradā devi dasi



  • lotus_whitebgDeva Darsana Das : “Reading one chapter of Bhagavad Gita makes us well prepared to preach. We can see where the verses are and point to them or memorize them. We get an idea of the whole chapter and since this is a conversation between Lord Sri Krishna & Arjun, it makes the whole chapter come together. I feel like I’m spending time with Sri Krishna thru Srila Prabhupada’s books.  I was able to memorize all the 20 slokas of chapter 15.  Please get into this habit. There is no other sacred literature more important than Bhagavad Gita. The rewards will be immense. “


  • lotus_whitebgVedavit Krishna Das:

“If some of you think that CHAD is disturbing your chanting or other regular activities in the morning..here are my realizations of CHAD everyday morning which i never like to avoid unless there is real strong reason.

1. CHAD makes me regulated in waking, sleeping and reading regularly.

2. CHAD makes me knowledgeable by reading for 45 mins everyday.

3. CHAD is the only time i really read Srila Prabhupada’s important books without fail in the association of devotees.

4. CHAD gives my day a good start.

5. CHAD is the only way for me to associate with devotees regularly every day during the best time.

6. CHAD makes me chant in the early morning as i know, unless i start at least by 5 am, i cannot finish my rounds in the morning.

7. CHAD makes me follow special instruction of my Siksha Guru, H.G.Vaisesika Prabhu.

8. Once i asked for blessings from H.G.Vaisesika Prabhu and he mentioned that,

   if i do CHAD everyday i get blessings directly from Krishna.

9. I cannot imagine my spiritual life without CHAD.

10. If i can’t do CHAD, i cannot get enthusiasm to CHANT and vice-versa.”


  • lotus_whitebgSivakumar Gurumurthy:

“ Here are my experiences/gains from reading BG everyday during Purushottam month.

1. Commitment. It gives a sense of commitment to read BG everyday irrespective of how busy the day was.

2. Time Management You automatically work things around reading BG. In other words you organize yourself better.

3. Satisfaction. Dedicating your time to read the verses that came directly from Lord’s mouth gives immense satisfaction.”


  • lotus_whitebgAnkita Dash:

“I started reading Gita – 1 Chapter a  day and it  has changed my life , I appreciate my life even more and have full respect and gratitude for it. I never loose hope in the daily war( job, relationships) that I have to handle because I now what’s permanent and what is ephemeral. “Secret Source is “21 days to a habit” if you do something for 21 days or more it becomes your second nature and who wouldn’t like to develop a second nature in reading Gita daily, as it is so beneficial. Tried and tested an never want to leave it. My 2 cents is try it for yourself, I have grown 10% every time I read the book, it is so powerful

This divine book will deliver you from all you sufferings in life

​If you follow Gita closely you will be freed from all miseries and anxieties in life​. Wow! so why not just read it as we are bound to be thrown something or the other everyday.”

  • lotus_whitebgGeeta Handa:

“In the material world we all are surrounded by umpteen number of mundane tasks. Each and every task is to satisfy our materialistic needs and wants.

We keep striving to fulfill these desires time and again which gives ur only momentary pleasures and no joy in real sense. In spite of being aware of these facts we keep struggling to satisfy our material desire. In today’s world we have forgotten of our source and the taste of real joy that comes from love of god and devotion. Reading one chapter of Bhagavad Gita kept reminding me the source of real joy and how to try to practice detachment and follow the path of devotion . Reading a chapter would constantly remind us about the truth and maya and give strength to hold off the spiritual path.Over a period of time I have realized that reading scriptures motivates especially Bhagavad Gita provides motivations but I keep pushing it back giving and excuse of lack of time but last year when i came to know about the CHAD program and the number of devotees that are doing this , I felt really motivated and made a commitment with myself to read a chapter every day this year not only during this month but will continue throughout the year. Thanks to Krsna for his mercy. Thanks to Guru Maharaja and Gandharvika Radha Mataji for the opportunity. The only request that I have for other people is to just start reading if not one chapter just one sloka every day and soon your will be reading one chapter everyday without even realizing and it will surely improve your life that is the mercy of Krsna. We just have to take one step towards him and he will b there to take care of us.”

  • lotus_whitebgVarsana Devi Dasi:

“what touched my heart is “The real form of this tree cannot be perceived in this material world but with strong determination one has to cut down this strongly rooted tree with the DETACHMENT. One has to be mentally strong enough to detach oneself with the things that satisfy the senses even while living among them.” The whole chapter is meaningful in fact whole Sri Bhagwat Gita is meaningful and has the answers for every thing that concerns the human life but with this poor fund of knowledge of mine, am unable to understand.”



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